FC-Cubic Outline

Established April 2, 2010

20 industries,
1 AA and
6 universities
Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation,
Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Hino Motors, Ltd., Suzuki Motor Corporation,
SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co., Ltd., Fuji Technical Research Inc.,
Cataler Corporation, CHINO CORPORATION, HORIBA, Ltd.,
TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC. , Toray Research Center, Inc.,
Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc., Enable Inc.
KUBOTA Corporation
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,
Sophia University, Ochanomizu University, Kyushu University,
Hokkaido University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Shizuoka University
Central Laboratory 2nd Floor, AIST Tokyo Waterfront Main Building,
2-3-26 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
Contact Tel: 03-3599-2357   Fax: 03-3529-2303
E-mail contact@fc-cubic.or.jp

Project Overview

We make an analytical approach, leading to cost reduction and high-performance, significant improvement of durability and reliability towards the expansion of the PEFC market.

・Develop the analysis technology of structure and reaction and mass-transfer phenomena in PEFC, and clarify the dominant factor of MEA performance in the process of structure formation of the element materials.

・Advance the research by strong cooperation of “experimental measurement” and “simulation ” as a high sensitive and high precision evaluation and analysis technology to discuss the reaction mechanism and mass transfer performance on fuel cell.

・Perform the research development to establish the basic design technology based on analysis of Electrocatalysis , Polymer Electrolyte Science and MEA performance, and to establish the evaluation and analysis method of fuel cells.

FC-Cubic Structure (System)